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Swarna Vriddhi – Jewellery Purchase scheme

Own your favourite Jewellery with a Gold Grammage based jewellery purchase scheme designed especially for you. This will help you plan your jewellery purchase for your Personal Jewellery collection and any special occasion like festivals, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, work wear, daily wear, Gifting etc. well in advance.

It is a gold-weight based deferred jewellery purchase scheme. Under the scheme gold weight or grammage (based on the 22 ct. gold price displayed on the relevant day at the Reliance Jewels Showroom) gets credited to your account against your instalment amount. The instalment will be in multiples of a fixed amount for a prefixed tenure of 9 months. At the end of 9 months, you can Purchase Diamond or Gold jewellery or coin by getting credit for the value of gold weight accumulated in your account. There is no restriction on the number of instalments paid, but each instalment must be in multiples of Rs.500/- subject to a minimum of Rs.1000/- for the first instalment. At the time of purchase of jewellery, the value as on that date, of the gold weight credited to your account, will be adjusted against the gold price of the jewellery article.

You can join the scheme by just filling in a simple pre-printed Application Form and submitting the same along with one cancelled Cheque at any of our Reliance Jewels Showroom. Along with the application form, a copy of any one proof of identity and any one proof of address needs to be attached and submitted.

Enroll Now and benefit from a Gold grammage based jewellery purchase scheme, without worrying about the changing Gold rates. To know more, please click below.

Golden Steps – Jewellery Purchase Scheme

Shopping for the finest jewellery has never been this easy. Reliance Jewels Offers ‘Golden Steps - Jewellery Purchase Scheme’ that will help you plan your jewellery purchase well in advance.

It isn't difficult to begin the journey towards purchasing jewellery, one Small Step is all it takes to see your Dream Come True. Pay as little as Rs.1,000/ per month consecutively for a minimum of 6 months or more and earn upto 85% of one month instalment at the end of the scheme.

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Experience the golden growth of diversity.
Choose from a stunning display of thousands of designs in gold, diamond and bridal jewellery. Reliance Jewels offers exclusive designs from Kolkata Filigree to Rajkot Antique, from Junagarhi Polki to Rajasthani Kundan, from Amritsari Jadau to Temple Jewellery from the South, Contemporary & stylish designs for your Work Wear & Daily Wear, Charming Kids collection for your precious little ones, Various unique collections designed in-house exclusively for Reliance Jewels patrons and much more, now within easy reach with the Swarna Vriddhi & Golden Steps Jewellery purchase scheme from Reliance Jewels

Experience the golden growth of quality.
Rest assured, your monthly instalments will get you only the best. Reliance Jewels offers only 100% BIS Hallmarked Gold Jewellery and the finest diamonds, all of which are Internationally Certified.

Experience the golden growth of life.
The journey towards enriching your jewellery collection is now easier than ever. Pay as little as Rs. 1,000/- per month consecutively and witness you dream come true!